Frequently Asked Questions

Every time customers search with your keywords, an online auction starts, in which all adwords campaigns participate. The position in which your ads will appear depends on the amount of CPC (cost per click), your quality factor (quality score), and the expected effect of the ad.
Read how adwords costs are calculated in the link.

Google’s program ( AdGrants ) of assistance aimed at advertising non-profit organizations is fairly unknown in Slovenia. With our help, log into the system and get a chance for a $10,000 monthly advertising budget. The AdWorld agency helps you prepare effective Google AdGrants campaigns. And the best: Completely free until you get Ad Grants status!

In the beginning, we advise you to start with the Google AdWords search network ( more ). Only this is the most effective way to get all possible conversions, and we can adjust the costs to the daily budget, thus maximizing the number of clicks or conversions.
For larger companies, we recommend upgrading with remarketing advertising campaigns and a display network, which allows you to reach more than 85% of all online users ( more about the display network ). Since the cost of clicks in the display network is often 2-3x lower than in the search network, it is only suitable for new products where we want to increase visibility.

Google AdWords has become an extremely complex program that is constantly changing. Without the help of online advertising experts, it is extremely difficult to achieve a positive ROI. Often, the investment for running advertising campaigns is much lower than the investment costs of poorly prepared advertising.
Working with an agency ensures that your ads are always in line with the latest Google trends.

Honest advice and openness. These are our biggest advantages compared to the competition. After more than 500 optimized adwords campaigns, we can advise you which keywords and advertising products are suitable for your company, without exceeding the advertising budget. And all this for prices that are friendly to our customers. Our customers and references prove that we are the right choice!