PPC Advertising

Google AdWords and PPC advertising is the most profitable and popular form of online advertising. It’s also complex, ever-changing and time consuming. We have a team of industry experts who have the AdWords management skills and expertise to manage complex PPC campaigns.

Our Approach:

You talk, we listen. We want to learn as much about your business as possible, including the intricacies of your target audience, your profit margins, and the lifetime value of your customers.

We will provide day to day AdWords management with a sophisticated helping of high-level automation.

We’ll be obsessed with making sure analytics and conversion tracking is set up properly. If you need e-commerce tracking set up on your site, we’ll make sure it happens. If you need a way to track incoming phone calls, we’ll do that too. If you need to determine your lifetime value of a customer, we’ll provide the right insights.

Our strategy focuses on developing a PPC advertising campaign structure, that can scale over time, will generate organized data that can be interpreted with reliability, and working with you to grow your business via PPC advertising and our Google AdWords management services.

We can help you with:

-search campaigns


-shopping campaigns

-special promotion ads

Why working with us:

Cost effective

Quick response

Focus on results

Personal touch

PPC Campaign Optimisation

Do you have troubles with Google Adwords Optimisation? Your PPC advertising campaigns don’t get sufficient ROI?

Many times this are the reasons:

-poor selection of keywords 

-wrong bidding strategy

-website not optimised for conversions

-poor ad text 


We help our customers achieve different goals, depending on their needs and types of services.

We can help with:

-growing direct sales

-get more phone calls

-get more subscriptions, or contact forms.


For your unique business, we always provide unique solutions!


Get a free quote for Google Adwords campaign optimisation today!


How does AdWords PPC advertisement work?

Every time your potential clients search with selected keywords an auction starts. On which position your AD will be shown, depends on your CPC, quality score and expected AD impact.

Which campaign type is the best for me?

In the beginning we recommend you to start with »search« PPC advertising campaign. They are the most effective for getting most conversions. We can be very flexible with daily budget here.For larger businesses, we recommend adding »shopping« campaigns (if you have online shop), »remarketing« campaign and »display« campaigns, which allow you to reach over 85% of all internet users. Costs of display advertisement are up to 70% lower, then on search.

What can you do for me by AdWorld.si?

Honesty is our biggest advantage. After 500+ optimisations, we can advise you on the right strategy, keywords, which will get you results and how high you budget should be, so you get the most out of AdWords PPC advertising campaigns. This and more we can offer for very competitive prices. Contact us and get free quote!

How does Google Grants work?

Google offers NGO’s help with advertising their business. This program is called AD Grants. Our agency will help you apply for 10000$ monthly budget, setup highly targeted campaigns and run them for best results, helping you to help the ones in need. And the best thing: We don’t charge any setup, or application costs!

Why should let agency manage my AdWords account?

First of all, you should save time and focus on your business! AdWords became very complex over the years. Without help of experts, you can throw a lot of money out of the window. The managing costs for agency are always lower, then a poorly set-up PPC advertising campaign! More answers to the question why choosing an agency, you can find here!