Drive sales with new
Google Vehicle Ads

More than 89% of users search for vehicles on Google before buying them. Be sure to appear at the top of search results with new Google Vehicle Ads for car dealers. Secure your market share and dominate the market with this new feature.

What are Google Vehicle Ads?

Google Vehicle Ads are a new ad format that shows nearby cars for sale directly in Google search results. When users search for specific types of vehicles, such as “2019 SUV” or “new Ford F-150,” they will see ads featuring detailed information such as make, model, price, mileage, and images of the vehicles. When the user clicks the ad, they will be directed to your website, where they can fill out lead forms or contact your dealership directly​.

Available in the US already, Google Vehicle Ads are about to revolutionise the car-selling market in Germany, the UK and France.

Why are they so important for car dealers? These ads appear at the top of search results – this will let you compete with big market players.

Example of Google Vehicle Ads in the US market

No more dependence on car platforms

Before, to sell their vehicles online, car dealers were utilising big car platforms like That is because getting on top of Google and actually sell with their website was hard. With Google Vehicle Ads, car dealers finally get the possibility to be featured on the first page with their websites and gain independence from car-selling platforms


Traditional car-selling platforms


Google Vehicle Ads

Benefits of Google Vehicle Ads for car dealers

Improved visibility

Google Vehicle Ads appear in search results, capturing the attention of car shoppers at the exact moment they are searching for a vehicle.

Precise targeting

Ads are displayed to users based on their specific search queries, ensuring that the right audience sees your vehicles, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

Increased conversions

Precise targeting and improved visibility lead to a higher number of customers visiting your website and higher conversion rates as a result.

What results to expect from Google Vehicle Ads?

Google Vehicle Ads are arriving in Europe and here’s why you should be the first one taking advantage of them: they are proven to bring higher conversions and maximising ROI! Car dealers in the US have reported significant increases in conversions after implementing Google Vehicle Ads. According to Google, some dealers saw a 35% increase in conversions and a 12% increase in conversion value.

Sounds appealing? Prebook your campaign already now!

+25% average increase
in conversions

with Google Vehicle Ads


Get started early and leave no chance to competitors!

The earlier you start, the more chances you have to stay ahead of competitors. To begin working with us on your Google Vehicle Ads campaign, follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact us already now for a free consultation!
  2. Prepare your inventory feed: We’ll help you set up and optimise your vehicle inventory data feed.
  3. Campaign launch: Be ready to go live as soon as Google Vehicle Ads are available in your market.

Why choose Adworld agency?

High-ROI campaigns

With our extensive experience and success with PPC campaigns, we know what works and how to drive results.

Tailored strategies

Our specialists will create customised strategies, ensuring your inventory gets in front of the right audience.

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We use only tested methods and make data-driven decisions, that’s why our customers get the best results.

FAQ about Google Vehicle Ads for car dealers

Google Vehicle Ads will soon be available in the UK and Germany. Contact us to prepare and be ready for the launch. As soon as Google releases the feature, we will prepare a campaign for you.

To be able to use Google Vehicle Ads, you first need to create a vehicle inventory data feed with all the details about your vehicles and connect it to Google Merchant Center. After connecting this account with your Google Ads account, our specialists will create a campaign to show your inventory to relevant users based on their search queries.

You can advertise a variety of vehicles, including new and used cars, SUVs, and trucks. Commercial, recreational vehicles, buses, trains, boats, aeroplanes and outdoor utility vehicles are not allowed for promotion through Google Vehicle Ads.

These ads are shown directly in Google search results when users search for cars. It’s also possible to place them on the entire Google network.

  1. You should have a website where you want to direct users who click the ads.
  2. Your website should be user-friendly and optimised for conversions (if you want your customers to buy and not just visit your website).
  3. You should have an inventory in the Google Merchant Center.

Tap into the new Google vehicle market!

Be the first one to use Google Vehicle Ads and attract customers to your website. Reach out for a free consultation.