PPC campaign setup and optimization

Google Adwords advertisement is one of the best pay per click advertising platforms out there.

Every day more than 3.5 billion searches happen on Google. Getting your company in front of such public is something you want to take advantage of! Our team will help you with:

-Search network google adwords campaigns, using keywords to target your potential clients

-Display network google adwords campaigns, using interests of your clients and approaching them with banner ads on different websites

-Remarketing google adwords campaigns, approaching customers, which already know you

-Youtube google adwords campaigns using attractive videos, which are promoting your website or product on the biggest video platform


Social marketing

Google Ad Grant is a program, helping NGO’s, to promote themselves. Thanks to 10 000$ of monthly budget, the non-profits can market their mission and help more people, by collecting more funds.

We will help you to apply for Ad Grant with no setup fees. Once you get the advertising budget, we will setup and run highly targeted PPC campaigns, helping your organisation get the best results possible.


Why should NGO’s work with us?

-0$ initial costs

-no fees charged, if you don’t get the advertising budget

-free of charge marketing strategy & research

-tailored pricing for NGO’s