Adwords Audit

Do you have troubles with Google Adwords Optimisation? Your campaigns don’t get sufficient ROI?

Many times this are the reasons:

-poor selection of keywords 

-wrong bidding strategy

-website not optimised for conversions

-poor ad text 


To help our clients get more out of their AdWords accounts, we conduct a account and website audit that includes some of the following areas:

  • Potential wasted budget
  • Account activity
  • Account diagnostics
  • Keyword audit
  • Conversion tracking
  • Call tracking
  • Retargeting strategy
  • Negative keywords
  • GEO targeting
  • Quality score distribution
  • Budget efficiency
  • Google shopping audit
  • Settings review
  • Ad copy review
  • Mobile strategy
  • Landing pages
  • Click-through-rate
  • Strategy review
  • Keyword efficiency
  • Device distribution

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